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Browse our answers to the most FAQ in private investigation. We customize our approach in each investigation, depending on the particulars of your case. If you’re still not sure, contact us to schedule a consultation. 

We answer the most frequently asked questions raised before hiring a private investigator.

FAQ | General Inquiries

Nothing beats our speed and accuracy in background checks. While most services take 1–2 weeks to turn around even basic reports, NPI guarantees a rapid turnaround.

We recognize that each case is different and requires a unique approach. Your specific case will only incur costs required to solve the problem. Travel and overnight expenses required for the surveillance can affect the costs, for example. Since our investigative services are tailored to your needs, let's start with a conversation. In any event, contact us to discuss your case and get a clear understanding of the costs involved.

The result of each investigation depends on the nature of the case. No one case is the same. Each investigation is made a priority and will be handled in a timely manner. We use our extensive information network and out-of-the-box investigative techniques to get the best result, fast. 

Our office hours are limited because we’re often on the case. The nature of private investigations and undercover work goes beyond a 9 to 5. Your case may concern illicit activities or evidence that doesn’t show itself during normal working hours, for this reason, a good private investigator needs to be flexible in their work hours to find the truth.  

Absolutely! Along with our secure online portal where information can be shared back and forth, we can also update you by email, phone, etc. at the frequency you prefer. 

FAQ | Legal Concerns

Every private investigator at Narrow Path Investigations has their own official license. NPI’s licenses are listed on our site, you also can request the personal license of your investigator once you’ve brought us your case and it’s been assigned. 

OHIO LICENSE #A 20212100402324


Of course. We take safety seriously and take every precaution during an ongoing investigation. That includes being insured. If you need to know more, please bring up any of your questions and concerns when you contact us about your particular case. 

Private investigators at Narrow Path Investigations are not just able to work with your lawyer, but we are an important asset to the team. We often work closely with corporate and family attorneys on the particulars of legal cases.

Yes, our cases are thoroughly investigated with legality in mind. We include thorough reports with specific details pertinent to your case, and we understand the law and how to compile our investigation findings into official affidavits that are clear and submissible in court.

Yes, NPI Investigators are experts at testifying in court hearings.

FAQ | Private Investigations​

NPI's investigators have an extremely high success rate of finding people and uncovering the circumstances around each situation, even when the person has been missing for many years. Contact us and we will be happy to discuss your missing persons case with you.

We will confirm all court orders and work diligently to uncover the truth. If someone is violating or failing to comply with court orders, we collect the evidence and construct court-ready reports that can be used by you and your attorney. NPI Investigators excel in providing testimony during court hearings.

We do everything in our power (and expansive experience) to ensure your anonymity.

Your safety (and anonymity) is our foremost priority. As for what happens when one of our investigators is caught... We wouldn't know, it doesn't happen 😏

FAQ | Background Checks

In today's digital world, online dating has become very popular. We agree, it is a great way to meet someone. NPI’s private investigators can provide you with peace of mind by confirming the identity of the person you've met online
We have invested in the most up-to-date information portals to process, gather, and confirm data about individuals. Don’t miss out on good candidates due to slow background checks with a team of investigators dedicated to expediting the process. Most background checks are completed and returned to our clients within 24 hours, and we guarantee a 48-hour turnaround.

FAQ | Injury & Insurance Claims

Absolutely. We work alongside attorneys to conduct interviews, gather evidence, and provide unique strategies to increase your chances of success in the courtroom.
Yes. While the Bureau of Worker's Compensation has a team of investigators that research cases, many clients choose to hire private investigators to ensure a more thorough investigation. NPI's team of investigators will work diligently to quickly provide the answers you are seeking with court-ready documentation.

FAQ | BCI/FBI WebCheck® Fingerprinting​

If you are unsure, contact us and we can talk through your specific situation. In general, these guys say it best:

“Many public and private employers require background checks for employment purposes. State law mandates that schools, day care centers, health care facilities, and others require such checks as part of the hiring process. Some individuals are also required to have a background check to obtain professional licensure.”

- The Ohio Attorney General

Certainly, our location is registered to offer WebCheck services, as listed on the Ohio Attorney General’s Community Listing website lookup. We use state- and federally-sanctioned equipment that is up-to-date, and we’ll deliver the results electronically to the required boards.

You can be in and out in approximately 15 minutes. The process can be even faster if you have reviewed the WebCheck Fingerprint Authorization Form and understand which code your situation falls under. While not required, you may print the form out at home and bring the completed form to your appointment.

WebCheck Fingerprint Authorization Form

Ohio Codes (for use when filling out the authorization form):
BCI Reason Fingerprint Codes
FBI Reason Fingerprint Codes

You will need to bring your driver's license or official state identification card. And don’t forget your fingers!

YES. Our walk-in hours at our Ohio* office are:

Mon. Wed. Fri: 10am – 2pm

Tue. & Thu: 2pm – 6pm

Due to the nature of our work, we cannot guarantee that our investigators will be in the office at the time of your visit outside of our walk-in hours. Appointment outside these hours are available Monday–Friday, either by calling (234) 706-2024 or filling out our form.

*WebCheck Fingerprinting not available at our Florida location. 

We offer on-site (remote) BCI & FBI fingerprinting and background checks for large groups, volunteer programs, and businesses. Just give us a call or fill out or contact form and check the box that indicates this is for a business or a large group.

If you are in need of 10 or more background checks a year, let us know ahead of time! We’ll get you some quotes on corporate or large group packages.

FAQ | S.A.F.E. Training Course​

No. While it can be beneficial to understand physical strategies to defend yourself, our S.A.F.E. training course is not a self defense or martial arts class. We teach women prevention and cognitive strategies that keep them SAFE in a variety of situations. While most courses just focus on teaching physical techniques for safety, our team also dives into the cognitive aspects of training your mind to avoid the 3rd (dangerous) response of Fight or Flight: the Freeze.

We teach our S.A.F.E. course to groups. Whether it be a business, school, club, or friend group, we tailor the important aspects of our course to the attending audience. Parental consent is required for girls under the age of 18, as our course can cover sensitive topics. We believe that safety is real and should not be sugar coated. Please feel free to call us for more specific details about the course.

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