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Narrow Path Investigations is a team of Licensed Private Investigators headquartered in NE Ohio.


We Are Truth Finders

With offices in Ohio and Florida, Narrow Path Investigations provides services to attorneys, corporations, and individuals looking for answers. Our investigative team believes in revealing the truth, even if it hurts. While it may not always be common in the industry, our stance is to provide our clients with exceptional, ethical, and timely services. That is who we are. Our team is comprised of honest, hard-working, experienced investigators with extensive backgrounds at all levels.

Because our work is sensitive, we take great care to respect your privacy and the integrity of our team. We bring our reputations, experiences, and resources to the table — to get results and succeed in uncovering the truth. Additionally, as we continue to grow our team and extend our reach, we will never lose sight of our #1 priority — YOU. 

Our Mission at NPI is simple:

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Joan Bauer, Founder of NPI

I trained to be a police officer from and with some of the best, at the Cincinnati Police Academy. I quickly learned that being a police officer is a calling; and I was called. I was captivated and proud to work in many aspects of police work. While working in the vice unit, I found an affinity for investigation work.

“I know how important it is to have someone in your corner. We are not in this line of work to ‘chase the dollar’ but because it’s the right thing to do. Our goal at NPI is to stand out because we are exceptional; we help because we can. We succeed because we think outside of the box and never give up.” – Joan Bauer

Our names and faces are not important — what we do is.

Private Investigators at NPI

Each team member meets and exceeds the standards for what we call the “highest caliber of private investigators.” Among our numbers are highly decorated individuals from all levels of law enforcement, lauded scholars, and pioneers in their fields. These certified experts compose our team; however, only after NPI balances their impressive experience with its core mission. In a “meeting of the minds”, Joan Bauer vets each investigator on their dedication to finding the truth — and nothing but.

Due to the sensitive nature of investigations and to protect our team, we keep the identities of NPI investigators close to the vest. Our names and faces are not important — what we do is. We also think you will agree, as we use our out-of-the-box tactics and strategies (including covert operations) to get results. 

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Of Private Investigators
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Of People Positively
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Private Investigation

of the Highest Caliber

NPI was incredible. When we would hit a roadblock, they plowed right through it with composure and ease . . . They truly are a group of experienced, determined and inspiring people.”

- Aleah K.
(Google Review)

An experienced player from a long career in law enforcement – including undercover, extensive operations – Joan Bauer founded NPI to assist attorneys, businesses, and individuals uncover the truth.

NPI was founded and is run by Joan Bauer, as well as a network of top-tier investigators with a broad range of experience. We solve cases with the same out-the-box thinking responsible for innovation in law enforcement, coupled with a diverse perspective that opens up a whole different side to investigative work.

Our investigations are enabled by an information network throughout the country, also strengthened by decades of working relationships which span across multiple careers.

We work to assist in their creating rock-solid court cases based on facts. Furthermore, our experience shows in our composed, thorough, and court-ready reports which are easily adapted into an official affidavit. 

Our team members have decades of experience investigating cases throughout their careers, including successful white collar, narcotics, and homicide investigations. Cases that were highly diverse in nature resulted in removing thousands of evasive criminals off YOUR STREETS.

Our PI team has extensive investigation experience and is accomplished in a multitude of law enforcement roles — from your neighborhood officer with his/her finger on the pulse of the street, extensive undercover work with ground-breaking results, to unraveling and prosecuting complex white-collar crimes. 

We pull from a vast and diverse history of advanced training that goes toward solving cases — from the police academy through instruction at both state and federal levels (as student & teacher) to higher education. Furthermore, we’ve dedicated decades towards being masters in the field.

Our Affiliates & Licenses

Ohio License #A 20212100402324

Florida License #A 3300019

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