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Investigation Services

When you need answers fast… Narrow Path Investigations’ team of licensed private investigators is here for you. We have a wide range of investigation services to address your concerns and solve your problems. We put boots on the ground to get you ironclad results and court-ready reports. Most of all, we are dedicated to the truth — and we firmly believe that this is what puts NPI ahead of the standard investigative agency. Our #1 priority is YOU. 

Since NPI’s inception, we have expanded our professional offerings to adapt to the needs of the people, utilizing the experiences shared between our investigators. Whether you’re a concerned family member looking for truth, someone needing to file an ironclad insurance claim, or an employer hoping to snag the perfect hire (with a clean record) — Narrow Path Investigations is your professional investigation services agency

In 2023, we opened our Florida branch for service, catering to corporations, small business owners, and individuals. In addition to private investigation, a popular service in the Sunshine State is a comprehensive surveillance equipment search — called a bug sweep. Property owners and vacationers alike come to us for the peace of mind that comes with ensuring the place you lay your head is secure against surveillance equipment. This service is available in Ohio as well as Florida — contact us to learn more. 

We have a wide range of investigation services to address your concerns and solve your problems.



Personal Injury
& Insurance



Private Investigations

Narrow Path Investigations will coordinate a plan of investigation to get to the facts and find the proof you need. Fill out our online form to get started.

Our Private Investigation Services Include:

A magnifying glass sits over the words "TRUTH" - from NPI's investigation services
a person typing on a laptop with digital forms and checkmarks floating over the keyboard - from NPI's investigation services

Background Checks

Our private investigators are seasoned professionals trained to conduct thorough background checks. We perform a wide range of background investigation services depending on the unique situation. 

Contact us today for personalized service recommendations or to schedule a background check.

a person with a cast on their arm filling out a form - from NPI’s investigation services

Personal Injury & Insurance Claims

At Narrow Path Investigations, we understand that honesty isn’t always guaranteed in today’s world. With our investigative expertise, we can say — with 110% confidence — that we will not only  strengthen your personal injury or insurance claim, but we will support you through the entire process.

Contact us today to get help with your case and strengthen your insurance claim.

a glowing blue fingerprint on a dark background - from NPI’s investigation services

BCI/FBI WebCheck® Fingerprinting

In the world of employment and competitive programs, quick decisions are critical. Save time and money with the convenient WebCheck Fingerprinting service from NPI.

Refer our FAQ page or the Ohio Attorney General for frequency asked questions.

Joan Bauer teaching Narrow Path Investigation's S.A.F.E Training course - from NPI’s investigation services

S.A.F.E. Training Course

Arm yourself against life’s threats with NPI’s S.A.F.E. Training Course — crafted and instructed by women for women — equipping them with vital skills to master mindset control and self-defense.

Learn how to sharpen your awareness, stay calm during traumatic situations, build confidence, and provide peace of mind for you and your loved ones. No matter what season of life you are in, we tailor our course to meet the specific needs of the audience.

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